After installing in Murcia and Asturias, Nagi continues its expansion nationwide with its first installation in Castilla La Mancha.

The City Council of Caudete (Albacete) has taken a great step towards technological innovation and will install Nagi Smartpool technology in its municipal swimming pools. In addition to being the first installation in Castilla La Mancha, it will also be a pioneer and it will combine Nagi’s technology to improve the safety of swimming pools with the possibility of measuring all kinds of data from swimmers’ sessions. Caudete will thus be the most complete installation nationwide, joining for the first time the two products of the Spanish technology company.

This agreement between Nagi Smartpool and the Caudete City Council will provide the pools with an innovative system that has been revolutionizing the world of swimming for years and that had been installed in countries such as Japan and the United States. In addition to all this, the improvement in safety will not focus solely on the prevention of drowning and Caudete will also have Nagi Distance, a product that will allow the safety distance and capacity to be controlled in swimming pools, something fundamental in times of pandemic that we are still experiencing.

The technology has a very simple operation. With a click, the swimmer will be located within the enclosure both in and out of the water thanks to a tracking technology that the Spanish company Nothingbutnet (to which Nagi Smartpool belongs) has installed in reference locations in the world of sports such as l’Alqueria from Valencia Basket.

This location will allow the swimmer to be safe during the duration of his session for two reasons: the first, with the prevention of drowning since, in case of being submerged for longer than established, the device will emit a signal to the lifeguard so that can act immediately: and the second, of great importance in these times, with the possibility of real-time control of the capacity and the safety distance. In case of breaking the distance with other swimmers, the device will emit an alert that will warn the swimmer that he is violating it and will not stop until it is correct again.

In addition, Caudete will also add one more value to its swimmers and that is that through the tracking that Nagi offers, users will also be able to have all kinds of data related to their session, which will improve their user experience. Speed, number of lengths, time, calories, etc. will be just some of the many possibilities that swimmers will be able to discover in this town of Castilla la Mancha. The multiple advantages do not stop there and it is that Nagi Smartpool also motivates swimmers with challenges in which they can compete against themselves or perform swimming objectives such as crossing the Amazon.

Javier Bosch, CEO of Nagi Smartpool, spoke about Nagi’s arrival in Caudete: “Caudete’s pools are going to become smart pools, which will add a value that all users will enjoy. It is a real pleasure to see how our technology continues to find a lot of trust in Spanish City Councils ”, he declared.

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